. Remember

. Remember.

Remember that, only keeping positive installation in the relation of yours the child, you will have positive impact on a problem which exists between you.

Equal relationship Let's consider what could be the equality relation between you and yours child.

If something disturbs you, the initial problem consists, apparently, that your relationship with the son or the daughter ceased to be equal and someone one of you or both seeks to control another, or, in other words, they turned into mister's relations the slave.

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We used

We used The tool kit included eight lamellar hand bells, a glockenspiel, maracases, different drums, flutes, plateaus, one big orchestral plate and a wooden board.

We used both a piano, and a violoncello, and the small magnitofonchik serving for the most different purposes.

Musical fragments had to be very short, express concrete mood and, whenever possible, cause nonverbal representations in the child.

I assumed that at later stages we will experiment Oliver's reactions to unusual musical sounds.

For the child with autism the geometrical form of a musical instrument is quite often extremely significant: Oliver paid attention to round subjects plates, drums, to parallel lines of the keyboard, a glockenspiel or set of lamellar hand bells.

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Michael Hearing is an acoustical experience which can work at a low threshold of perception and is incentive rather powerful to lead to changes, sometimes the considerable.

Below some different cases are described; observations were made in clinic for children with autism.

Michael the strong boy with black skin color, hyperactive, with destructive behavior and physically strong, not capable to control the force.

Having come to the musical room for the first time, he stridently shouted, was kicked and jumped.

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I receive

I receive Singularity of a situation compels me to take an interest at once, where the boy's mother why it could not come.

I receive the answer accurate and categorical: She at us the woman subject to imaginations, instantly panics also a hysterics, concept of discipline to it is alien, I pound from it all of you equally would not achieve.

My interlocutor is brushed a hair to a hair, with fine bearing, will clasp on all buttons and hooks.

With it the twelveyearold boy, model by sight with absolutely zarevanny person.

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I played

I played And we so went on a communal flat, pleasing all neighbors.

Very much it was pleasant to me when the grandfather put me on a case.

I played there, and then me removed.

Sense of danger and suddenly will not catch and safety at the same time!

Here, listen as the young man ingeniously remembers the childhood: I remember how once me was played by the father and the grandfather.

Big, soft hands threw me, and I saw inaccessible that lies on a wardrobe.

It was so high, so unreal.

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